1.      Why do you tell stories?

Because I love the process of creativity, of shaping something from of the tangle of imagination. 

2.      Describe your debut novel in one sentence.

A young Turkish woman and her favorite author go for walks in Paris and begin creating an imaginary landscape. 

3.      When and where do you write?

I mostly write in the morning and early afternoon, in a small attic room a few streets from where I live in Paris. 

4.      What are three things that sustain you as an author, or while you’re writing?

Reading. Running. Friendships. 

5.      Name three books that you couldn’t live without.

There are many books that have shaped my imagination which is why I can probably live without them; they’ve become a part of who I am. But perhaps I can think of three books that were turning points in my writing: Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse, Tayeb Salih’s Season of Migration to the North. Natalia Ginzburg’s The Little Virtues. (And the short stories of William Trevor and Alice Munro!)